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The Suits Have Gone Mad! Episode 1 Horror Game Review

The Suits Have Gone Mad! Episode 1 is a new and incredibly spooky corporate horror game. Working at a mundane black and white office from hell, you design new “tones.” Only B&W goes, anyone straying from the path is never seen again.

The game pictures a world where work is even more serious than it already is. Many stupid rules, maniacal white suit managers, things you might relate to. The black suit co-workers have this permanent almost aggressive scowl, making them look almost like Satan from Lucius. Putting together a presentation, Theo Blue (You) discover something otherworldly like no tone ever seen before. The color blue…

Upon presenting this to the bosses, their response is instant shock and desire to kill. Seriously their stare is one of the creepiest things I’ve seen in a horror game. It gets even worse as you walk into the hall and see them staring out from every door and finally crowding you in the elevator.

There’s a few small puzzles that you can unlock secrets with. They’re short and fun, not too hard to figure out. Just some adding and trial and error. Make sure to look around the office for the hidden hack-able screens. The only puzzle which was hard to figure out was the one to beat the game with. That one might take you some time. The Suits Have Gone Mad! is a scary as hell peak into a possible future that nobody would ever want. I hope to see more come out, this is one of my new favorite indie horror games!

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