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Bad Ben Indie Horror Game Review

Inspired by the original movies, the Bad Ben horror game puts you in control of a man who is completely unbothered by ghosts. Tom Riley arrives at the house he just purchased from a sheriffs auction to inspect it. The previous owner mysteriously disappeared, or did he?

There’s much to love about Bad Ben. It makes fun of the horror genre in a spectacular way and the creator even makes a dig at himself. What’s especially amazing is the dedicated swearing button that nobody can resist pressing constantly. Despite the many anomalies through the house, Tom is not the least bit scared.

It’s like I’m in a lazy horror game made by a bad developer

The only thing ghosts ever do to Tom is p*ss him off. Home invader? No problem, he’ll record himself kicking their ass. He’s more upset about the small ridiculous things like keys being all over the place.

Bad Ben eventually takes a seriously horrifying turn though. It wasn’t much horror until the end, where Tom gets trapped in a white boxed eternity. Until an unspecified time much later where he’s all ragged and dried up. This makes the twists pretty great, it was Tom who was the previous owner, and the loop keeps going on.

Out of all the extras you unlock after beating the game, the outfit change is the only thing worth it. You can’t actually use the shotgun at all, it’s a replica. Hard mode, well, they warn you it’s unplayable, and it is. Epileptics beware, seriously. It’s another level of comedic nonsense making the game better.

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