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28 Pixels Later Review – A 2nd Person Zombie Survival Horror Game

28 Pixels Later, named after the famous 28 Days Later is a second person zombie survival horror game. Watching from the perspective of the zombies, you have to fight off the undead hoards for as long as you can. As expected, it’s a frustrating experience but a unique style of gameplay.

It takes some patience to get used to, most players might not get over the confusing views or controls. The PSX style graphics are really well done, though the character does look a bit nonchalant for a guy being hunted down by zombies. 28 Pixels Later does give you some pretty sick views where you get to see the perspective of the zombie you’re blasting down. One of the best parts of the game.

There’s a few glitches to watch out for. You have to restart the game if you die past the vending machine, because the collision doesn’t reset when you die. Next time you try to pass, you’re guaranteed to be eaten. Taking a piece out of Resident Evil, you can pick up plants for health.. and smoke them. You’ll need to pick those up when you can. It’s impossible to make it through without getting grabbed a few times.

Closing Thoughts

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to win. The zombies keep coming over the fence no matter how many you kill in the store. Using the upgraded double barrel shotgun is way better to work with, but it’s still not enough. They eventually come for your head.

I’d like to see more of this game, the level design is great for a 5 minute indie horror game. The small DVD store is nicely detailed, and the break in is a classic zombie game scene. It’s a short and fufilling puzzle with some neat Easter eggs. Such as the Breaking Bad PS1 title. 28 Pixels Later is definitely worth trying out, but sure to frustrate most players.

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