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Blood Rite of the Dice King Review – A Deadly Game of Chance

You are given a chance to play a cursed game of dice to become a king, or to sacrifice yourself. Blood Rite of the Dice King is a short indie horror game where you must roll the number of the beast to win. Complete the circle and dodge the spikes to sit on the throne!

To play the game, you walk into the elevator and there’s no turning back. You end up in a small box room resembling a die. With each roll, spike fly out depending on the number shown. Completing the circle can be pretty tricky at first. It takes a while to get used to dodging the spikes, but there’s an easy safe spot once you notice it.

Dice King on the Throne

After completing the circle, you need to keep rolling until you get the number of the beast! It takes a good bit of tries to activate it without getting poked. If you get it too early, all the spikes come out at once to kill you as well. Frustrating, but still a neat game mechanic.

For a short indie horror game, Blood Rite of the Dice King has an excellent concept and PS1 style graphics. Even though you win, there’s still no happy ending since your head turns into a giant die and blows up. The eldritch like world you walk out to was a spooky and atmospheric environment. Another great part of this short horror game. Taking around 5 minutes long, it’s worth trying out!

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