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The Forgotten Ones – Choo Choo Charles Fan Game Review

The Forgotten Ones is a Choo Choo Charles fan game about a mine infested with train monsters. You take Susie the shotgun to make your way through the mines and rescue the workers. The mini Choo Choo Charles hatch from eggs and hunt you down!

There’s only a few miners left alive, many have given up. They aren’t brave enough to kill any trains. Some of them have voice acting, which was a nice touch. The dialogue and story was the best part of the game. Especially the twist ending.

It’s good to search around and scavenge for supplies, you’ll need as much ammo as you can get. Especially due to some glitches I’ll mention… There’s also scrap laying around the place you collect. I thought that might be for shotgun upgrades or something, but they turned out to be completely useless. As far as I saw at least, there’s no reason to actually pick them up.

Mine Exploration and Glitches

Although I enjoyed the game and atmosphere, The Forgotten Ones has quite a bit of frustrating glitches you should look out for. First is ammo, no matter what you have left in the chamber, reloading will still consume 6 more shells. Then, even when you have 6 shots left, and 0 in reserve, you can’t fire and the game thinks you’re empty.

You can also get softlocked at a few points, and at these points are chests to open for some reason. I managed to clip through the wall to keep playing though. An update would be nice, but it doesn’t ruin the game.

Closing Thoughts

Walking through the dimly lit, creepy mines and fighting off the Charles trains was really fun gameplay. There’s also a wave mode where you gain points and can buy stuff. Sorta like nazi zombies but now with monster trains. You can unlock new areas, health machines, etc. The boxes they drop kinda go away too fast though. Going after them will get you mobbed and killed.

The ending was a fulfilling twist, though I got the intro voice acting again as a glitch when Warren popped out. He’s more interested in money and sealed off the mines! Making your efforts to get to the top futile.

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