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Moth House Review – Collect Moths in a Dark Spooky House

Created by KenForest is another bizarre short horror game adventure. In Moth House, your father has gone away on a long trip and tasks you with catching all of the moths in his house to release them. It sounds like a strange, but easy task. Only problem is that one of them isn’t kind to visitors, and is much bigger than you!

I think the right thing to do was turn around immediately, burn down the house, then go home and burn your clothes. It was pretty fun to collect all of the moths though. The jar filling up and all of the different types you can find was interesting to see. It takes a bit to find all of them though, some trickier than others.

The moth detector was a really great game mechanic. Along with the sneaking system. A giant moth is roaming the hallways, tracking you down endlessly. The detector will let you know when it’s nearby, otherwise he wraps you up in a cocoon and stuffs you in his lair. Which is kinda good to do anyway to collect some more moths. It’s also attracted to your match light, so it’s best to put it out when he’s lurking around. Doing that really helps stay undetected.

Exploring the house was a spooky and sometimes uncomfortable experience. If you don’t like bugs, this one might get to you. I kind of got that feeling stuff was crawling on me after a while. Seeing those lamps just infested with them is freaky. You can also collect recipes along the way, to make moth soup for the moth king. Depending on if he likes them or not, he might change your whole life.

Moth House All Endings

MOTH HOUSE moth collection book and jar

There’s three different endings to Moth House, one bad and two good endings. Starting with the good endings, the best ending is to just collect a bunch of moths and leave the house. At least I think that’s the best since you carry out the weird task your dad gave you.

You can achieve the other good ending by feeding the moth king the soup that uses every type of moth. In total, he asks for three soups. I gave him a different soup first, then two soups that used every moth. So I’d recommend giving him at least two of those, with the third being one of them. I can’t remember where the recipe is, but I think this one was in the attic. It doesn’t take too long to find them all.

Also, if you’re having trouble finding the Creatomotos Gangis Moth, check the bathroom which is on the right side of the hallway before the talking moth. That was a tricky one. To get the bad ending, feed him 3 of any other soup. He was hungry, but after eating those he said he’d rather starve. For feeding him such garbage, the moth king decides to send you to Moth Hell. A horrible place for both moths and humans.

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