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Morning Coffee Review – Drinking Evil Cups of Tasty Coffee

There’s now a horror game about drinking coffee to the point of insanity. In Morning Coffee, we try out our new coffee maker. Which ends up making coffee that is too good to resist.

Most of the game is pretty mundane and straight forward. Make coffee, drink coffee, take a shower, drink coffee, go to work. Every day, more and more random giant cans of beans are found scattered around the house. It starts looking more like a serious drug problem. The machine eventually gets strangely bigger too. Until one day, we discover it doesn’t just brew coffee beans.

The ending is the best part of Morning Coffee, with the atmosphere turning dark and ominous. Piles of coffee beans and comically giant cans cover the ground and take over the house. Entering a new door way that was never there before leads you to a giant coffee machine. The king coffee machine. You know what you have to do…

Overall I’d give it a 7/10. It’s a fun short horror game with a really good ending and theme. Some more details or subtle spookiness would have been good to have. It’s a perfect entry for a game jam too.

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