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Take Your Wish Review – A Strange and Quiet Birthday Party

In Take Your Wish, you walk up to a house that may or may not be yours to blow out the candles on a birthday cake. You can explore the house a bit and interact with a few things, but there’s really no explanation given on anything. I kept wondering what the story and background on this game could possibly be. The page doesn’t give much info either.

Anyway, moving through the house is pretty basic. It’s like a classic PC game where you click to move to another screen. Some places have voices in the background despite the house being empty. Upstairs, one of the doors will seem like you can enter it, but then slams in your face. It kind of feels like a home invasion too. After knocking on the front door, it’s locked at first then opens after a short bit. Then there’s that door slamming bit.

Take Your Wish gives you this odd feeling of being alone, but at a party of people constantly in the distance. I really can’t come up with much of a good explanation about this one, besides it being a home invasion. Either that or you’re visiting a birthday party from the afterlife. No clue what to make of the wolf that comes up to you in the end either.

For a short indie horror game, Take Your Wish is worth it for any fan to try out. It’s short, weird, and unsettling the whole way through. Feel free to comment or write in about your theories! I’d definitely like to hear more about this game.

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