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Stark County Threat Assessment Test Horror Game Review

The Stark County Threat Assessment Test is a creepy VHS horror game where you rate how threatening each photo is. Stark County has had an apparent spike in murders recently. So this test was put together by their police dept to see how well their officers can detect threats.

It’s a fairly straightforward horror experience without any big jumpscares. The VHS effect and distorted photo’s give off a seriously creepy vibe though! It’s very well done imagery, and even some normal photos can seem unsettling. It’s up to you to rank each one depending on how threatening it is.

Is there something wrong with how they look? What about spooky things in the background? Ranking each correctly will add some points to your total score. There’s no winning or losing, just a creepy horror experience. The one that will freak you out the most is probably the big eyed robber looking guy. He doesn’t seem to leave the screen as fast, probably the dude who’s been murdering everyone.

If you liked the Stark County Threat Assessment Test there’s a bunch of games like it out on The other most popular being Maple County, which was also inspired by the Mandela Catalogue. At around 5 minutes long max, it’s worth trying out for any indie horror game fan.

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