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Maple County – Creepy VHS Police Training Horror Game

Maple County is a short horror game where you watch a police training video about an unknown threat. The tape shows a series of faces and you have to pick whichever of the two looks most unsettling. It was inspired by the Mandela Catalogue, so you’re identifying ‘alternates’ similar to doppelgangers seen from the horror series.

Whatever the threat is, there game doesn’t reveal much about it or how the police even knows about it. There’s not much of a description about the game, so we’re left guessing quite a bit. The page reads:

“Maple County has been faced with an unknown threat. This police training VHS tape prepares you for what you’re about to face.”

Maple County Explained – A Mandela Catalogue Inspired Horror Game

The training video was really creepy and made great use of the VHS effects. The tape had a realistic feel to it which made it all the more unsettling. However gameplay wise, there’s not much going on besides having to pick between a few pictures. It’s obviously inspired by the lore of the Mandela Catalogue. You should check that out if you enjoyed this game!

After the video, you take the role of someone who actually encounters the supposed threat in their home. It turns out to be a cryptid of some sort, but we don’t get to see much. The training video says to play dead, but that turns out to be horrible advice.

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