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Don’t Do Drugs in the Corn – Short Horror Game

Don’t Do Drugs in the Corn is a short horror game where you’re stranded in a corn field and have to find the keys to your truck. Your friends were with you before, but it seems like they left you here. Luckily you still have your drugs with you!

The map will tell you where your keys are, but you have to be fast! You don’t have much time before your character can’t stand walking around in this boring corn field anymore.

As time goes on, the screen gets more cluttered with messages trying to get you to do the drugs. Eventually, giant hallucinations of drugs start following you around.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game. The music and dark colors give it such a creepy vibe even though nothing bad really happens. It’s just a dark game where your character is bored and wants to do drugs because of how much he thinks his situation sucks. Developed by Hankworx for the Two-Minute Horror Jam.

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