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Island Getaway – A Relaxing Spa Retreat Owned by Crabs

Island Getaway is an Atari style horror game where you try to spend a relaxing day with your friends. On July 18th, 1986 three friends visited the Klanko Island Resort and Spa. What was meant to be a quiet retreat in the islands turned into something far more sinister.

You start off on the beach and walk up to the resort, already finding that much of the island is suspicious. If you want the good ending, look around as much as you can. Take time to explore the island and the extra path on the way.

Island Getaway Spa Entrance
Klanko Island Resort & Spa

You meet up with your three friends in front of the lodge and enter by yourself. The staff there all act suspicious too, something definitely isn’t right. After dealing with the awkward greeter, you get the keys to your room and check the place out. There’s a giant door with a golden crab on it above you, but the guy at the desk will yell at you if you try to go in.

Explore the Resort

Clearly something is wrong with the island. You keep seeing glimpses and pictures of crabs, the staff are rude and suspicious, and even your friends are acting weird. They don’t even go inside the resort with you.

From there, you can walk around a bit and try to find more of the shells too. Your friends are already in the spa, but the owner of the spa stops you before you go in. Like the rest of the staff, she’s pretty rude and acts strange. Even the sprites of the staff’s faces are scary. It shows half of their face with a creepy smile, and the other half in darkness.

You can only enter the exquisite spa after putting on a Klanko Island robe! From this part on, the true nature of this ‘luxury resort’ is shown.

Island Getaway Spa Lobby
Spa Lobby

Island Getaway is a bizarre horror game that’s surprisingly immersive. It also manages to keep somewhat faithful to the Atari style genre. The music, sound effects, and sprites have a satisfying retro feel. The dark crab sprites and their voice sounds were especially creepy.

Created by goblin for the 39th gm48 island themed Game Jam. Island Getaway takes around 10 minutes to play, and I’d highly recommend trying it out. I wish there were more weird Atari style games like this!

Island Getaway All 3 Endings

There’s 3 different endings depending on what you do at the end and if you collected all of the shells. None of them are particularly a happy ending, even the ‘good’ outcome is pretty grim.

Island Getaway Secret Seashell
Collect all of the shells!

To get the best (but still bad) ending, you have to collect all 3 hidden shells. The first shell is near the start of the game. You have to take the first path you see at the top of the screen. The second and third shells are in the resort.

To get the second shell, enter your neighbors room to the right when you leave your room. The crab that was in there left a ‘Gold Member’ keycard. Use that to enter the door with the golden crab that you saw in the resort’s lobby.

Then you just have to solve a pretty easy puzzle. Push the statues so you can line one up with the crab symbol. After that, the second shell will appear.

You can pick up the third shell right after that. Go all the way to the right and keep pressing up to the wall. There’s a secret room you can enter which has the final shell.

The worse ending is when the crab catches you after drinking from the chalice. It painfully cuts you up limb by limb with its claws. If you don’t collect all three shells and swim out to sea, you get ending 2. You kept swimming until you couldn’t swim anymore.

Despite making it to the water, you had nowhere else to go. After swimming for over a day, your legs boiled and you drown. Apparently your spirit lives on, and the children of Klanko Island hear the beast you turned into at night.

The third ending, which is still horrific, happens when you collect all three shells and swim out to the ocean. The shells are your offering, and the brine finds it acceptable. They allow you into the infinite sea where you’ll live forever in the terrifying and beautiful black waves.

In the endings where you go missing, your family questions your disappearance. The residents of the island say there has never been a resort and spa.

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