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Hearth – Build a Boat to Escape a Dark Haunted Island

Hearth is a short horror game where you’re stranded on an island with your guitar playing friend. Your only hope in making it out is to build a raft and escape. There’s sticks scattered around the island you have to collect. Then every time you come back, you have a difficult decision to make. If the fire goes out you lose, but there’s also only so many sticks. So you have to make sure you put enough towards the raft!

What I also loved about Hearth is how the island terrain is randomly generated each time. Any randomization like this makes the game feel much more lively and immersive to play. It also makes the game easier or harder depending on where it spawns the sticks. There’s also ghosts scattered all around so sometimes you have to sacrifice a stick to make a torch. If not, they get to you pretty quick and you have to start all over.

Hearth Closing Thoughts

Exploring a dark forest with a torch in hearth

Hearth is a strangely heartwarming horror game. Thought the atmosphere is dark and lonely from being stranded on an island, the company of your pal is nice to have. He’s always waiting back at the fire, the only source of light for miles. It’s a comforting sight when walking back from the dark forest. He’s trying to stay in high spirits playing his guitar and providing you morale support.

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