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Bleakshore – Explore a Suspicious Island for your Missing Partner

You arrive at Bleakshore island after receiving a message from your beloved partner Orla. Her phone was breaking up and the island was far away, so you came over on the boat to make sure she’s safe.

Upon arriving, you find a bunch of objects scattered around the island. You decide to follow the trail and pickup whatever you find along the way. Every once in a while you can catch a glimpse of a shadow in the background. It’s pretty spooky, but getting closer it turns out to just be a tree.

Bleakshore Ghost Screenshot
Ghost or Tree?

You pick up objects from your missing partner along the way. Picking them all up doesn’t change anything though, the island is pretty big so you’ll probably miss some. Just follow the sound of the rocks grinding if you want to get to the end faster.

The environment is calm, but the music is sinister. Especially the constant sound of crushing rocks and waves, which you’re actually supposed to follow. The cloudy skies and grey colors are easy on the eyes and look great for a horror game.

Bleakshore Explained

I really had a fun time exploring everything, it felt like walking around an island and its beaches in real life. Except there’s a constant feeling of eeriness and loneliness. In the end, it turns out everything was a big misunderstanding and Orla is just fine. She just needed a walk to clear her mind.

Bleakshore takes around 15-20 minutes to play through depending on how much you explore. Picking up more objects reveals more about the main character and his missing partner, but you really just need to find the lighthouse. If you like exploration games that aren’t easy to figure out, you should try it!

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