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Antler – A Sinister Cult Summons Antler in your Backyard

Antler is a 3rd person horror game developed by RBI Interactive. You play as the father of two young boys living in a typical suburban home. It’s their bedtime and one of them says there’s a scary man staring at them from the outside. A lot of kids say stuff like that though, so you just close the window and tell them to go to bed.

The next day they’re playing with a drone in the back yard, and it crashes in the woods. Your son Jake runs off to get it back, but he never returns. Pete says he saw a deer man take him away! You still don’t believe him though, and go check it out.

Antler Horror Game Breaking In
Inviting myself in w/ crowbar’s help

He’s too far in though, so you go back to the house and call the police for help. Going back, it gets pretty dark and you break into the gated part of the park. Soon, you run into the cult and the deer man your son warned you about. It’s too late to save him though, and you meet your end together.

I liked the third person view, and I always like the retro style graphics that RBI creates. The black bars, colors, and filters he uses provides great looking visuals.

The voice acting is a nice addition, but the kids are tough to hear sometimes. I enjoyed the ending, but it could’ve had a little more story added to it. If we could’ve seen what they were actually summoning, that would’ve been a lot better.

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