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Smalls Island Woes – Indie Horror Game Review

It’s your job, do it. Smalls Island Woes is a horror game where you visit the island to take care of it’s lighthouse. You make return trips on your boat every few weeks to check it out. The island has a lot of charm. It’s a neat small place, and the people are friendly. They even have some voice acting which was a nice touch.

After the first few trips though, the island transforms. The people look more afraid of something, and the fisherman at the beginning looks a bit spooky. On one of the last trips, the game passes a huge amount of time, pretty much an eternity. I’m not sure exactly if there’s a message here, but it seems our main character is obsessed with checking on the lighthouse. Every time we go, there’s never anything wrong with it.

Smalls Island Woes freaky cat

The cat which I had so much fun with turned out to be quite a freaky villain. His final appearance is something right out of a horror movie or “Sorry John” Garfield art piece. There’s also a pretty neat secret ending you can get! All you have to do is knock on all of the doors 15 times in a row at the beginning. It instantly brings you to a blank room with a giant heart or some other living blob right in the middle.

I enjoyed the retro aesthetic and story of Smalls Island Woes. Though small, it was a lively and interesting island. The voice acting and small changes to everything after each visit was a nice attention to detail. Even stuff like objects laying around the lighthouse, and the paintings changing was neat to see.

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