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Late Night Mop – A Surprisingly Creepy Horror Game

I didn’t expect Late Night Mop to be as good as it was. It started off as pretty mundane but turned out to be one of the creepier horror games I’ve played recently. You get a phone call late at night by your supposed client who’s a major douchebag. Everything this guy says is rude, and sort of what you’d expect from a person calling you to clean their house in the middle of the night. Many may have a similar but less satirized experience working with these types in real life.

At first, it’s a pretty basic clean up game. It sort of reminded me of House Flipper, you just throw out trash and mop up the stains. After being led down a hall, you turn around and meet the demon. The homeowner totally forgot he summoned one of those before he left. This first scare was seriously well done. That face and those eyes were incredibly freaky. It wasn’t even a jump scare, no noise, just pure creepiness. Though there’s plenty of other jump scares, this one was worth mentioning.

The cleanup work is a bit tedious. Again at some points it felt sort of like I was playing house flipper except it’s a horror game. Late Night Mop has a tense atmosphere and a perfect scare scene. Even when I went back to replay to see the other endings and completely expected it, that first encounter was still really spooky. The complete silence and random creaks around the house were pretty great too.

Late Night Mop All Endings

Late Night Mop blood and candles in the bathroom
The homeowner forgot to mention he summoned some demon

There’s three different endings you can get in Late Night Mop. There’s Very Dead, A Job Well Done, and Nope! The ideal ending Nope! is where you just walk out the door after encountering whatever demon is in the house. Of course you’ll get snappy remarks from the homeowner, but I’m glad we got a chance to make him mad. Sadly that’s all we can do in the end.

Very Dead happens close to the end of the game. A vase breaks in the background, and you can either walk away or go check it out. If you do turn back and go for it then the demon kills you. If you walk out the door instead then you get to live, and don’t have to deal with any more nonsense. The game is around 7-8 minutes long, and will take maybe 15 to see all endings. You unlock extras like faster moping after the first ending, so getting the others is a bit easier. I’d highly recommend this game!

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