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Late For Class – The Most Horrifying School Simulator Ever

Late For Class is a short horror game where you have two minutes to make it to your class, or else. The entire school is empty, with nobody else in sight. It’s a pretty creepy scene, kind of liminal too actually.

The complete silence makes the game all the more creepier. Besides that the only thing you can hear is the ticking of the clock counting down. After some time, the lights go out and it’s even spookier. Shortly after that, you can hear footsteps coming your way. I guess this school has a super strict truancy officer. This guy is insanely shocking and creepy to see the first time.

Late For Class – Exploring the School

Late For Class door sign saying class has moved to 309

It’s so dark and him coming out of nowhere was a huge scare. Not to mention how quick he stabs you to death. That can really put you in a panic.

The atmosphere makes this encounter so much creepier. It’s nearly pitch black in the school, there’s just him, and barely a chance to escape. Getting stabbed was more haunting than most horror game deaths I’ve had.

Also, you can’t beat the game in one go no matter how fast you are. Despite your efforts in getting to the right room, the class is moved! Being part of the two minute horror jam, he just pulls out a gun and shoots you when you run out of time. Which for me was right before the game ends.

It’s actually pretty neat to explore the school too, there’s a few things to check out. Also, if you’re quick enough, you can see the killer on top of another victim upstairs. Would be more careful about being late in the future… There’s an astrology room, and the school has a pretty liminal feeling overall. Late For Class was a super tense and creepy horror game. It’s one of my favorites, and I’d highly recommend it!

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