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Scribbles Review – A Short Browser Horror Game

Scribbles is a short horror game where you pass notes with a monster living under your bed. After coming home from a long day at school, you decide to go to bed when it gets dark and draw a little. After getting tired and tossing the notebook to the side of you bed, you hear scribbles coming from beneath you. The monster wants to talk.

At times the pencil cursor is kind of off, I had difficulty playing tic tac toe and selecting some pieces of text. The ending was super creepy, with the red eyes showing up in the dark. I thought the game was frozen for a bit there, but that is where it ends. What’s the deal with this kids room in the first place though? It looks like a dungeon!

The game had a good, creepy start with the game of tic tac toe. Scribbles was a pretty neat concept, though a short horror game. The back and forth chat through the notebook makes you almost think he’s trustworthy. Until you ask some questions like do your parents know he’s there.

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