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On Earth as in Hell: Woyton’s Plague Horror Game Review

On Earth as in Hell is a retro style horror game where you work a night shift at a local mini mart store. In fact, it seems to be heavily inspired by Puppet Combo’s Night Shift game which I also really enjoyed.

It has many of the same small details I always like to see. All of the small convenience store items are neat to see, and are labeled as a bonus. The radio tune was really upbeat, and added a lot of character to the store! It also made it creepier when it turned off and the chanting started. The spooky walk to the market was fun to explore. There’s a small neighborhood made just for the aesthetic. It would have neat to see the shadow guy hanging around somewhere though. His first appearance in the back of the store was a good scare though.

Your co-worker leaves and you just have to deal with some simple tasks. Take out the trash, stock shelves, help customers, pretty easy. Taking the trash outside, we see the creepy symbol from the title screen painted on the ground. You can’t really interact with it though, it’s more for spooky effects.

I was kind of confused at the game title at a few moments, since its spelled in 3 different ways throughout the page and game. Anyway, On Earth as in Hell: Woyton’s Plague is a great PS1 style horror game with all of my favorite details. The VHS and TV screen effect was pretty well done.

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