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Night Shift – 80’s Style Mini Mart Horror Game

Night Shift is a short horror game developed by Puppet combo. It’s a prequel to his other game “Stay out of the House” which takes place after the events of that happen here. It’s short and mostly not about horror, but I love the attention to details. It really gives you the feel of being alone at night with nothing around.

There’s a lot to explore, and small things to check out. Pretty much all items are labeled, and there’s even a “Drill Massacre” arcade game you can play. It’s a mini-game that references one of his longer games. That’s what I like about Puppet Combo’s games, there’s a lot of creative extras like these.

Night Shift – Classic Puppet Combo Horror Game With Excellent Details

Night Shift Magazines and Donuts
Magazines and Donuts

You can walk around the store and check out everything it offers. There’s magazines, ice cream, and a lot more. Every part of the store has something different to see.

There’s also some extra jobs your boss left you. Since your useless co-worker Katz didn’t do anything, you have to sweep, put items back, and clean the bathrooms. I don’t think anything changes whether or not you do any of that though.

If you pay close attention you’ll notice a suspicious van riding around a few times, but never stopping to come in. You may see why later. Besides that, you only have to deal with a few customers and the to do list that your boss left.

Although Night Shift is one of Puppet Combo’s shorter games, it’s one of my favorites. The attention to detail, extras, and graphics are perfect. You can also switch off the CRT filter if you want to get the PS1 look instead of VHS. The song in the intro is really enjoyable, and a good start to an 80’s style horror game.

There’s also a few different ways to end the game! Try exploring outside more, or staying inside longer towards the end. If you were a fan of Night Shift, you should also check out Deady Night. It’s still a demo, but has a similar theme and was clearly inspired by Puppet combo.

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