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Poop Killer Review – An Absurd Comical Indie Horror Game

Poop Killer is a horror game inspired by the trashy horror films of the 80’s. While working late at a movie rental store, a random guy off the street comes in and destroys your bathroom. The unforgiving Poop Killer takes notice that someone didn’t flush and comes seeking vengeance.

I held off on playing the Poop Killer for a long time since gross horror usually isn’t my thing. After seeing so many people recommending it, I decided I might as well give it a try. It’s not too long, and maybe it will be funny at least. I ended up liking it way more than I expected. Of course there’s a few nasty moments, but it wasn’t that extreme. Not realistic enough to be disgusting, but since it’s done in PSX details it was pretty funny when the killer filled the entire store with s**t.

Poop Killer – Trashy Film Inspired PSX Horror

Poop Killer The Clown's Fun movie cover graphic

Anyway, it starts off like many of my usual favorite horror games. Basic video store task list, left behind by the boss. It definitely seems inspired by Night Shift, and other horror games like it. The creator also threw in some good references to those sort of games including his own like Truth Loop, and Power Drill Massacre on the movie titles.

It does take a bit of looking around to progress the game sometimes. If you get stuck, try making some more rounds. Go to places you haven’t been before or checked out in a while. The customers were a bit slow too, so there is a bit of standing around at some points.

I’d definitely give Poop Killer a try if you’re on the fence. The attention to detail is perfect, and there’s some pretty funny moments. One of my favorite parts, the night sky and moon were well done. Along with the details inside the store, inside out everything looked great. There’s a lot of different retro style filters to choose from which was nice, so you can play in your preferred style. Downstairs had a pretty chill area too. My only complaint is I couldn’t watch some of the tapes that were laying around.

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