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Harvest Festival 64 Review – Animal Crossing Meets Horror

Another great Nintendo 64 style horror game by Warkus is out! Harvest Festival 64 is a horror game that takes place in an animal crossing village, during the fantastic week of the Harvest Festival. You help your friends around the village gather what they need to make the food.

Most of the game is fetch quests, without much left to do on the side. The world is nice and colorful though, it’s a neat little village. After the first day, there’s some good creepy quirks to look out for. Especially off to the right in the ocean, real dark. Besides that, the most terrifying parts come toward the end.

The Harvest Festival Was Not So Pleasant

Harvest Festival 64 collecting a plank for the bridge

Your screen starts to glitch, along with your characters face. That creepy a** look back at you was super disturbing. Plus the part where the festival is revealed, and it turns out to be some bastardized spooky tower filled with corpses they built. At least there was pie.

At about 10 minutes long, Harvest Festival is worth playing out to the end. There just isn’t much to do at first. Maybe if you could go inside the houses or interact with more parts of the world, would’ve been a much better game. It’s simple, colorful, and has a great N64 look though with a good ending. Really well done for a game made in 72 hours, for Ludum Dare 52.

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