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GRASPING Review – A Horror Game That Steals Your Hand

In GRASPING, we test out a machine designed by Mortalis Institute. It’s the patented Helper Bond System which provides you a diagnosis for your trauma. The ominous names and clearly evil box isn’t enough to scare us away, so we put our hand in and follow the directions.

It’s supposed to be a good machine designed for medical purposes, but something else in the program has taken over. Great idea putting you hand in a spooky black box. Grasping is a pretty simple game. You only use the A, S, D, F keys for each finger to move the hand on the screen. You test out the movement to sync to the machine, then answer questions by making a fist or just waiting.

GRASPING – A Horror Game With an Unsettling Box Controller

GRASPING special box controller for the game
An actual alternative controller that GRASPING used

What’s neat about Grasping, is the custom box that was actually made for the game. If this is in fact really a working controller, I guess you’d put your hand in the box and there would be some buttons in there. Would definitely make it more immersive. Especially the part where your hand and fingers get twisted around, that was super uncomfortable even to watch. That being said, I’d want to try out the machine.

It’s a short horror game, taking around 6 minutes to play. Though there’s not much gameplay, it’s worth checking out. GRASPING has a good concept, and is sure to freak you out.

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