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Wheat Harvest Paradox Indie Horror Game Review

A meteor strikes the earth and creates a time loop, reversing the direction of time every day. In Wheat Harvest Paradox, you must harvest enough wheat to power a machine that will save the world.

It’s a pretty dark and spooky world. The first look outside was amazing, and the atmosphere was spot on. The creator made a nicely detailed world, where the buildings twist around into the sky, and a camp that feels small and hopeless. Their only comfort is the goose, a few fires, and some small shelters.

Inside the building isn’t much better, at least you get a mattress. These people can’t even get water every other day because it falls back up into the sky! Anyway, every day you drive your combine into the fields, collecting wheat. You trade them to the chef to get the only currency worth anything, wheat coins.

Grinding Wheat to Save the World

Wheat Harvest Paradox chef explaining wheat coins

Make sure to upgrade your machine every day, it definitely makes the game go much smoother. The mechanic can upgrade speed, steering, the bar length, and quality of grain so you can sell the wheat for a higher price. You need 200,000 wheat coins to power the scientists machine to destroy the meteor and free everyone.

The game is a bit grindy, but I mean it is a wheat harvesting game. Plus it was made for Ludum Dare 52, where the creator took the challenge to make a game in 72 hours. So keeping that in mind, Wheat Harvest Paradox is an immersive, dark horror game with great attention to detail.

Like the people walking around, the clock showing you what type of day it is. Of course the goose is back as well, who usually makes an appearance in the creators games. If you liked Wheat Harvest Paradox, you should definitely try out more games by KenForest like Toilet Rooms.

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