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Meatly’s Storage World – An Amazing Generic Mascot Parody Horror Game

Meatly’s Storage World is a small storage building where we have a rental unit. Problem is, we don’t know which one, and there’s a terrifying generic mascot named Meatly lurking around the place. So here we are, in a dark, “happy” storage unit, risking our lives… for a missing donut. It’s probably worth it.

Though the design of the storage area is dark, and even a bit creepy, there’s tons of great moments where the game makes fun of itself. The notes on the walls, definitely check those out. They’re low effort, but hilarious. Then there’s the messages written in ketchup which you thought would be a threat at first.

Taking around 5 minutes, it’s a short horror game worth trying out. It takes a few replays to get used to the battery running out. You’re pretty much doomed after that. Plus the doors where the box and combination are located are random. Good touch with that part.

Meatly’s Storage World Takes a Much Needed Crack at Generic Indie Horror

Meatly's Storage World donut found!
Yum! It’s Mine! Now I can exit this place!

For a game that was made as a parody in a day, it turned out really good. Meatly’s Storage World takes a dig at many indie horror games that follow the same formula, and is actually pretty spooky itself. Although I like some of those games, this was an accurate criticism. Especially with the merch button that clowns at you, perfect.

Also the “pre-order part II” for a game that was short, not that detailed, and really doesn’t seem like a part II would be any different or better. That one reminded me of Garten of Banban which I reviewed recently. A Steam game that clearly didn’t need to be split into part II, or even needed to be on Steam in the first place. Anyway, there’s plenty others I can mention that fit the theme shown by Meatly’s Storage World.

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