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Please Don’t Litter – Surviving in a Dystopian Trash World

In one of the cities on earth, an anomaly has appeared. In Please Don’t Litter, a strange timer that endlessly counts down from ten has appeared out of nowhere. It drops trash all over the place every time it hits 0. We’re at the center of it, cleaning up the constant mess among the mountains of trash. Collectors are underpaid, overworked, and forced to stay in the city forever. If not for them, the trash might overtake the entire planet.

Walking out into the trash heaps, you can shoot some hoops first or go straight to trash collecting. This part is a bit tedious, but not too long. You need to throw in ten small pieces of trash to get more trash bags once you collect the others that are lying around. The flying dumpsters of the future change out by themselves when full. Eventually a trash bin hitchhiker gives you a chance to escape.

Please Don't Litter garbage truck boss
Come on, who could resist that?

Now on your way out to a train to escape the city, we get a great overhead view of everything. Besides the flying dumpsters, there’s also sentient garbage trucks. The boss dump truck was a perfect addition for the game. Pretty funny when it gets p*ssed off when you throw a piece of trash at it too.

Please Don’t Litter has an excellent horror game concept, and spooky atmosphere. It’s around a 15 minute indie horror game, but with a story like this could definitely be way longer. I’d like to see more of what’s going on in the world. Like what would happen if they couldn’t keep up with the trash any longer? Horrifying, and intriguing.

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