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High Score Killer Indie Horror Game Review

There’s a rumored arcade machine that’s super rare and was left behind in an abandoned restaurant. High Score Killer is a short horror game where we get to play the machine that was left behind for unknown reasons.

You text your friend you found the machine, and he’s on his way to meet up with you. In the mean time, you power it up and try it out. It’s a pretty simple game, all you really do is walk back and forth. You’re a slasher who chases down and kills people in the game. Turns out there’s a bit more to it.

After playing for a while and slashing down many people for tons of points, you exit the game and hear sirens blaring. Your friend texts you and says the cops have closed the roads, and he can’t get anywhere. Hinting that the game was just a depiction of you killing actual people. Pretty freaky concept, though I kind of expected it.

High Score Killer was a short, but excellent horror game with a fun concept. Even the jump scare the end was pretty good. Not too screamy, but fitting for the games design. The sequel High Score Killer 2 is also out, and is just as good! I would highly recommend both games.

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