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Flora Learns to Sing – A Gameboy Platformer Horror Game

Flora Learns to Sing is a horror game where you use the arrow keys to earn back your petals and fight off a giant plant monster. At first it doesn’t seem like a horror game at all, and the plant at the beginning is helpful.

Flora Learns to Sing, singing notes to earn a petal

He claims he’s not “doing anything” but he follows you the entire time trying to eat you. The animation of him catching you and trying to eat you is actually pretty scary when done in Gameboy style graphics.

You use the arrow keys to fight him off as well. His appearance was straight up horrifying, especially if he does get to you before you can sing him away.

Flora Learns to Sing Gameboy Styled Horror

Using the arrow keys to sing was a neat game mechanic that reminded me of some of my favorite older games, sort of like Zelda. Flora Learns to Sing was a short and sweet platformer with a good ending. I really enjoyed the singing mechanic and simple graphics. The soundtrack is solid too, and perfectly resembles something you’d expect to hear from a GB game. I’d highly recommend it!

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