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The Salt Order – Explore a Spooky Forest With Salt Magic

The Salt Order is a short indie horror game where you use salt magic to stop monsters from following you. The order has sent through many of their own to retrieve their sacred grimoire from the world through the portal. All have failed, so now they need to send you.

They grant you their ancient magic powers to defend yourself from the monster that lurk in the forest! You must now venture into The World of the Endless Tree. If you succeed, the witches will grant you your freedom.

After they send you through the portal, you have a limited amount of time to get inside the church. After the bell rings five times, it’ll be too late. You have to draw salt lines on the ground as you encounter the monsters. They’ll follow you whenever you’re not looking, so be sure to look out for them. They are completely silent and can sneak up on you quickly!

Stop the Beasts and Get to the Salt Order Church!

Make sure to use the salt as efficiently as you can, it’s pretty limited. The quicker you draw the lines, the more ground you’ll cover with less salt. You can also pretty much cheat and draw circles around all of the monsters, but that’s less fun.

The Salt Order Monster Closeup
Mini heart attack, almost got me!

The colors, especially the beginning when you leave the jail cell and explore the salt church are really beautiful. It’s a colorful blue with a special texture that makes them stick out more. The light of the torches blends in well with it too.

Even though its retro style, it feels like a step above the usual quality in this regard. I also enjoyed the ambient music. Especially while the witch is talking to you, it feels adventurous and calming.

The mechanic of drawing lines of salt was really cool. It’s a unique idea I haven’t seen used so well. Maybe a full game could have you draw certain symbols with the salt for different spells?

The Salt Order is a short, but fun horror game with an excellent story and gameplay concept. I liked playing through and trying to solve the best way to get through the paths. The time limit that used the bell rings was also a neat addition.

Created for the Two Minute Horror Jam on It’s called a demo, but it’s probably entirely complete. Since it’s release, no new updates have been put out. There’s only the first mission, but I would love to see more of this game.

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