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A Garden on the Sea – A Beautiful Uplifting Adventure

A Garden on the Sea is a short horror game about fear, growing up, and traveling through the middle of the ocean. Elliot and his whale fired Lori swim endlessly through the ocean together looking for a new home, or to just go along for the adventure.

Elliot starts to wonder if what they’re doing matters. Does it matter if he never plants anything, or leaves the ocean? He decides he wants to grow a garden, and explores the sea. You find a seed, plant it, and watch it grow.

Each night, it continues to grow until it’s a full and glowing tree. You keep diving into the sea in search of things to bring it to life. There’s a few different nutrients and crystals you can find in the water.

Grow the Garden!

A Garden on the Sea Hidden Track Tape #1
Find all 3 hidden tracks

There’s also three hidden tapes with sound tracks you can listen to. They’re actually pretty easy to find, you just have to do a little extra swimming while you’re in the water. You can jump up on the front of Elliot to play each one after you find it.

A Garden on the Sea is a colorful picturesque, adventure with a beautiful soundtrack. The blue of the sea and sky, and the glowing tree is an artistic and stunning sight. Being able to swim through the ocean made it all the more relaxing as well.

The English is a bit rough at some points, but it’s still very understandable. It was probably made by someone who has a different native language. The story itself has a few different meanings. I highly recommend you play through yourself and make your own explanations. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete depending on how much of the music you listen to.

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