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The Colossus is Coming – Uncover the Mystery of the Colossus

The Colossus is Coming is an interactive horror game adventure where you collect tapes and confront the colossus. It was created as an interactive expansion on the Music of Auric Echoes Album. You appear in the forest as an unnamed protagonist. There’s nothing around except for a gramophone and an old tape recorder.

You can look around the forest, but your trapped inside the stone circle you entered in. Look around and find the tapes! A new tape will appear every time you find one. Also try to interact with the gramophones. You might also not want to though, it’s possible that they effect the ending. Since that happens, you might want to try playing through more than once for a different ending or events.

Will the Colossus Spare You?

The Colossus Is Coming Gramophone

Each tape continues the story of a man being chased by the colossus. As you continue on, the statues and environment around you changes. Eventually, you might notice some things in the distance.

At first the forest was calm. The sound of the wind, and movement of the trees was peaceful. Now, you can hear the colossus coming your way. The world becomes tense, and the sound of the beast approaching you gets louder.

The Colossus is Coming is an experimental horror adventure with a unique adversary. It was created by FYRE games to go with their music album. They wanted to tell the story with a different approach. Again, you might want to try playing it a few times.

I was distracted by all of the gramophones and decided to fight the colossus. I took the gun and fired at it as it tore down the forest to come get me. Taking about 15 minutes to complete, it’s definitely worth trying out at least once.

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