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A Wonderful Day For Fishing – Catch & Eat Bizarre Fish

A Wonderful Day For Fishing is a short and unsettling game where you catch strange looking fish and other things. You play as a lonely man out at sea for a lovely day of fishing. Sitting in your boat, you occasionally hook something.

Whether it be a fish or something else floating around in the ocean, you can eat it or throw it back. What’s interesting is each fish or object you eat will have a certain effect on the game or the man. You could catch a delicious healthy fish, or a cursed fish like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Some fish may cause you to be disfigured, others can turn you back to normal. There’s also a bunch of strange objects you can catch like a meat cube, or an elusive “Water Bug.” Some stuff also has an effect even when tossing it back.

A Wonderful Day For Fishing Sand Trout
Eat it?

A Wonderful Day For Fishing Ending – Unlimited Random Fish

The game doesn’t have any scripted ending. After a while you might hook a ‘meat cube’ which will sink you, but you can keep playing. That’s where I thought the game would have ended it, but it didn’t. Even though you’re at the bottom of the ocean, you can still catch things.

Depending on your luck it can take around 5-10 minutes to catch everything and see every effect in the game. Make sure you try throwing some stuff back for different results too! A Wonderful Day For Fishing is an interesting take on a fishing horror game, and it was fun to see all of the different effects of each fish and object. It kept me playing to see what the next effect would be.

The art was simple, but colorful and lively. It really made me imagine this old man out on the sea catching all of these monsters. Created by Nick Lives over a weekend as an experimental horror game that explores isolation, the uncanny valley, and repetition.

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