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I Came Home Tonight – A Short Indie Game Ghost Story

I Came Home Tonight is a short point and click indie horror game about a ghost story. You arrive outside of your house, but something doesn’t quite seem right. Your wife is there, but she screeches as soon as you put your arm over her. What’s going on, what did you do to hurt her?

There’s a few more scenario’s you play through, and each time you come back to the house someone else is there. The puzzles are pretty easy to figure out which I liked. Sometimes there’s an extra prompt to find around the house, so make sure to look around. On one of the final nights, the house is gone and you come across a grave.

I Came Home Tonight Explained – Who’s Grave is That?

Based on our characters appearance, and the fact nobody will interact with us, we can tell what’s really going on now. He’s very pale, experiences different families and timelines of the house. I think we can make a very strong assumption about who’s grave we came across. “Henry Edwards”, the man we’ve been playing as.

I Came Home Tonight ending view
Maybe I’ll stay here a while.

I Came Home Tonight is an excellent short horror game with an Atmospheric and Colorful background. The sound of the wind blowing, the houses in the distance, and the state of our character makes this game feel so lively. As short as it is, the game has a good story and I would highly recommend it. The ending was kind of sad considering we’re a ghost, but still beautiful and happy at the same time. The retro style pixel graphics are also top quality.

Developed by Black Void Media for the r/SoloDevelopment Halloween Jam 2021 with the theme of “Ghost doing normal people things.” It was also made to fit the backup theme “Home sweet home.”

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