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Ghost Study – Low Frequency Sounds ARG Ghost Story

In Ghost Study, you participate in an experiment about the effects of low-frequency sounds on the human body. The research says the sounds have caused odd sensations to other people in the past. Some even attribute the sensations to paranormal encounters. What will you experience?

You unbox the package which contains the disk with the sounds and a warning note. The warning note tells you about the strange effects others have had, and that it can cause panic attacks, anxiety, nausea, etc. Due to the paranormal experiences that happened in the past, these frequencies were given the nickname “Ghost Frequencies”.

You pop the CD into the Diskman, and immediately notice the effects. As the night goes on, the paranormal experiences get worse to the point of seeing things that may not be there. The end result is the worst of all, the game has a truly crushing end.

Ghost Study All Notes Collection

There’s also 6 notes to collect, some of them harder to find than the others. Be on the lookout after anytime you interact with something to make sure you get them all. Some of them look like nonsense and don’t seem to have any meaning. You should try to google them though, they lead to some stories and Wikipedia pages.

There’s one note that’s a pastebin link, and if you find all of the notes you unlock the password to it “sound”. It contains two PDFs related to the other notes and a neat ASCII art image. They’re two paranormal research articles by Vic Tandy. Ghost Study was an unsettling experience with an unexpected turn. The jump scares were a bit too loud though, that’s not what should make a game scary. It’s around 10 minutes long, so you should try it out.

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