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Resurfacing of the Tigershark – Short Indie Horror Game

In Resurfacing of the Tigershark, you take the role of an explorer who boards a US nuclear attack submarine named the USS Tigershark. Six months ago the submarine disappeared and was presumed missing. The entire crew was also presumed MIA. Despite the massive search and rescue operation by NATO, it was never found. Four days ago the Tigershark reappeared near an arctic research center that you work at. You plan to board the sub so you can discover the fate of the crew.

You can walk around the sub a bit, though there’s really not much to check out. There’s a working sink I guess, not sure what purpose it has but it’s a nice addition. The most interesting part is leaving the sub to see your surroundings. It’s a beautiful sight and it brings up so many questions.

The icy surface stretches on past the horizon, so there’s nothing around you for miles. How did we even manage to find the sub. Where was is it for those past six months, and how did they end up near an arctic research center?

Resurfacing of the Tigershark Snowscape View
A beautiful snowy environment

Even though the game is only about 2 minutes long, there’s a lot of backstory and details. The outside has a beautiful snowy environment, and down in the depths of the ship lies a horrifying monster. Perhaps we’ll find out where the crew ended up, and maybe a reason why the ship was missing for so long. It’s a short but thought provoking indie horror game. I highly recommend playing through.

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