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Subterror – Sinking Ship Nightmare Indie Horror Game

Subterror is a short horror game where you’re trapped in a sinking ship and there’s no escape. The game was created to exploit one of the most common fears of being trapped in a sinking ship that’s quickly filling with water. It’s truly something out of a nightmare.

You start off in the observation deck where some of the crew below are calling you. They said they thought you were sending someone, and want to know what’s going on. Apparently the other people you sent down never made it. Since the repairs were never made, the ship is doomed. Soon after, the ship starts filling with blood! All we can do is look for a way out.

There’s no actual way to win or escape, the game is about facing the horrible fears of drowning in a sinking ship. You can just explore to see what’s causing all of this. If you look carefully, you’ll see a unwelcome passenger in one of the rooms. A giant eye looks back at you, possibly the cause of this mess. There’s a few neat things to check out, so you may want to try a few playthroughs to see everything.

You only have about two minutes before the ship is filled and you meet your fate. Subterror is short, but does a great job at bringing one of your worst fears to life. Created by Escher Vision for the Two-Minute Horror Jam.

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