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Fears to Fathom: Home Alone Horror Game Review

Fears to Fathom: Home Alone is the first part of a horror game series featuring five different stories. The story takes place in a quiet neighborhood at night, and you’re home alone. It’s a seemingly calm and relaxing night at first.

You wake up from a nap, eat some lasagna (an entire tray), and watch T.V. You may want to pay special attention to your surroundings during that part. From the characters perspective, there’s nothing out of the ordinary happening.

Fears to Fathom Home Alone Lasagna and TV
Lasagna and TV

After finishing some work, you go to bed with nothing out of the ordinary happening. You wake up to get some water and you see a text from your mom. You’re met with a chilling photo. Someone is at your front door. Your neighbor was watching and say they were looking through your windows. Going downstairs to investigate, you look through your window…

At this point you should know that opening the door doesn’t work out well. Be aware, the game will crash completely and you’ll have to restart if you encounter the intruder. Hiding in your room, you receive a few more texts. Luckily your neighbor has your back and comes over. You have a tough decision at this point.

Fears to Fathom – From Comfy to Tense and Unsettling

Your neighbor is ringing the doorbell, but where is the intruder? This part is the most tense moment in the game. You could go to the door and be saved, but if the intruder is around then it could end badly.

Fears to Fathom is still in the early stages of development, and only has this story. I really like the idea behind the game, and how you experience the story. The creepiness of the intruder, and how there could be someone like this lurking around is portrayed perfectly.

Especially with his surprise entrance where he walks up the stairs, going unnoticed by the player. Hopefully we see more soon, and they complete the other 4. The game is available for free on and Steam. Since then, episode 2 Norwood Hitchhike and episode 3 Carson House has been released! Both are excellent horror games, and highly recommended.

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