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PYLONS – A Horror Game About The Dangers of Pylons

PYLONS is an indie horror game made with MS-DOS style graphics. It takes place in a small community that relies on them, and begins as a basic exploration adventure for a young boy. You encounter several people around the pylons, and are given some basic safety questions. The info cards from answering them are creepy and terrifying alone, hinting to what else you’ll soon encounter.

There have been some tragedies nearby, where young children such as yourself were electrocuted. Are they just accidents, or is there something more to it? The children do seem just fine playing around the PYLONS and throwing stuff at them.

PYLONs game information card with electrocution warning

The Pylons Are Not What They Seem…

Despite the police and safety officer telling them not to, they keep on doing their thing. As the days progress, the pylons buzzing becomes more intense and it’s clear that something is wrong. These are not just pylons…

The sound effects, DOS graphics, and atmosphere work well together and have created a bizarre and dark world. Each character is unique and makes you want to continue playing.

Every day gets darker, builds up the suspense, and provides many terrifying situations. In the end, the main character is tricked by someone he assumed was trustworthy. There is no happy ending, and the Mettel Mother – supposed queen of Pylons is called. Keeping simplicity in mind, PYLONS delivers a great horror game experience with a retro feel.

It really feels like an old MS-DOS game, and it’s one of those games like ‘The Wind’ where if it came out at the time, it would be a famous classic for how creepy it was.

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