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The Wind – Terrifying DOS Style Horror Game

The Wind is a short MS DOS style horror game that’s loosely based off the movie. You play as Lizzy who has moved out the the American Frontier in New Mexico in the late nineteenth century. In the movie she moved there with her husband, but in this game she’s all by herself. They moved out there so they could build a new settlement. The area is massive, remote, and comprised of hills and plains where the wind never stops.

The Wind Explained – The Story Behind the Empty Windy World

The Wind Horrifying Monster Graphic

It was actually common in this time period for women to be left alone for long periods of time. The isolation, and never ending wind drove many of them insane. In the game, we encounter quite a bit of events that could be a result of her insanity.

Every night, we encounter a new horrifying event. The few neighbors we have are either gone or dead (or so we thought).

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of The Wind. The DOS style graphics and music make the game especially creepy. If it was actually released like this as an MS DOS game, it would be famous. It’s short, but a lot happens and every night has a unique and fun event.

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