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September 1999 – Creepy VHS Found Footage Horror Game

September 1999 is a short VHS found footage horror game. You’ve barricaded yourself inside your apartment, but why? As the game progresses, the scene gets more horrific until the last night where you find out what really happened.

There’s not much to explore, you just have to walk around a bit to trigger the next day. You just have to keep looking around in the bedroom and hallway. I’d highly recommend playing it though, it takes about 5 minutes in total to reach the end.

September 1999 Explained

Although there’s not any actual gameplay, the creepiness and wonder of what happened in September 1999 was interesting. The VHS effects are immersive and really gives it the “found footage” experience. It almost feels like an accurate event that went on in real life. By the end, you’ve probably been able to come to the truth of the story. It turns out you’re a killer who’s boarded themself into a house, until the police finally catch your trail.

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