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Stone House Orphanage – Insanely Creepy PS1 Style Horror Game

In Stone House Orphanage you play the role of a lone reporter who is investigating the children who went missing there. From the very start of the game you can tell this isn’t going to end well. It’s a dark and chilling place that looks like no children should ever be left there.

Sister Maria, a supposedly humble nun answers the door and lets you in. She doesn’t have a good explanation for any of the questions you have. When you ask about the children who goes missing, she just tells you they ran away. That really doesn’t sound like a trustworthy story. The nun and this whole place has the most sinister vibes ever.

Investigating Stone House Orphanage

You can walk around the orphanage and interact with most of the items. Everything about this place is suspicious. Even the children’s toys which look like they were deliberately placed there. The absolute freakiest part of the game is when you look away from sister Maria for too long. She’ll spawn just behind you to give you one of the worst scares ever. You look over to where she was and she’s not there. Turn a little bit more and she’s right up on you, staring you down from her massive height.

Stone House Orphanage Hidden Room
Peeking into another room. She sure likes crosses…

There’s only a few rooms we get to see. The sitting room, kitchen, and bed room. There’s also a ‘dining’ room with a ton of crosses for some reason. That room made me wonder what else is in the house beyond there. Although it’s an orphanage, we haven’t seen or heard a single kid the entire time that we’ve been here.

A Creepy and Unsettling PS1 Horror Game

Stone House Orphanage has one of the most excellent creepy atmospheres I’ve ever seen in an indie game. The combination of eerie music, the dark orphanage, and creepy sister Maria is perfect. It’s a tense experience the entire way through. I also enjoyed the PS1 style graphics and filters they used. It really made the orphanage look old and run down. The attention to detail was also well done, you can interact with most items to investigate things further.

It takes around 5 minutes to complete depending on how much you investigate. It has a good story and a fulfilling end. I would highly recommend playing through! Developed by pixelb for the Two Minute Horror Jam.

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