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Fears to Fathom – Norwood Hitchhike Horror Game Review

Fears to Fathom – Norwood Hitchhike is here! You play as Holly Gardner, a 19 year old that goes on an interstate drive and breaks down after a rest stop visit. Walking along Norwood Valley, her only hope to get out is to hitchhike for a ride. This is the second episode in the Fears to Fathom series, though you don’t have to play the first game ahead of time. They aren’t related story wise, but I would still recommend checking out the first episode “Home Alone.”

The aesthetic is perfectly done. The outside, including the night sky and the moon is done in crisp PS1 graphics. Though a horror game, the night time environment is pretty comfy. It’s a pretty chill experience until the final parts of the game where the horror comes in.

Fears to Fathom: Norwood Hitchhike Perfect Atmosphere and Details!

Fears to Fathom Norwood Hitchhike inside rest stop store with cashier

The attention to detail made this a fun and immersive experience. Detailed stores and stuff like the vending machines always adds a lot of life to the game! The drive is a bit too long if you ask me, but it was still enjoyable the entire way through. It’s a dark and creepy trip, and you can stop along the way to check out a few things on the road. Another nice detail is the food and drink items you can buy. They can give you short bursts of energy to run faster. You might really need this if you run out of gas… no joke, you’ll have to run the rest of the way if you forget.

The final bit at the motel was incredibly tense and scary. The outside has a spooky and dark atmosphere. There’s nobody around, and all you can hear are the night critters in the background. You should also be careful if you’re using a microphone! The game uses a neat feature that uses it to measure how loud you’re being while you hide in the closet. If you’re talking too much, the killer can hear and find you. Something many YouTubers and streamers found out the hard way.

Fears to Fathom Norwood Hitchhike has an excellent atmosphere and story. From the beginning of the trip, to being alone on the road with trucker, and finally ending up in a quiet but sinister motel. I would highly recommend Norwood Hitchike, and the first episode Home Alone!

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