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Filled with Freedom – Bizzare Indie Horror Game with Secrets

Filled with Freedom is a retro style horror game where you inherit the house of your late grandfather. The game became really popular after many YouTubers picked it up and tried figuring out it’s many secrets. You arrive at the house which has an odd design to it. There’s walls all around, which strangely have sawing sounds coming from them. That’s an atmosphere I can always appreciate, something mysterious going on, yet not violent just yet. It made me curious what was going on in the house at the very beginning.

You never really get to see the interior of the actual house sadly, which I wanted to see. It’s more about what’s going on in the garage with the giant hole in the floor. The sounds got louder in the middle of the night so we go back to garage and investigate. Some sort of monster lives here, whether it’s your grandfather or what ended him.

The caves below were pretty creepy, but the ending was a bit underwhelming. I wasn’t sure exactly what the end of the story here was? Though that’s the way many of these horror games go. Filled with Freedom had a great aesthetic and tense chase scenes. The secrets which you uncover after the end of the game are what ended up being most intriguing.

Filled with Freedom Secrets Revealed

Filled with Freedom secret image with a cat photo, a note, and Morse code
Secret image hosted here:

After completing the game, there’s a lot of interesting secrets to uncover. The end screen displays a link to an image, which features a note and a phrase in Morse code at the bottom. The Morse code translates to: CARTAUX.NET/WALL which then leads to a QR code.

Scanning the QR code brings you to a strange unlisted YouTube video with a coded title. That title is actually a hexadecimal code: “41 6C 6C 77 63 68 20 63 68 69 20 73 69 61 72 61 64 20 61 67 20 65 66 3F” which can be converted to the plain text “Allwch chi siarad ag ef?”

This is a Welsh phrase, when translated to English means “Can you talk to him?” The description of the video has another hexadecimal coded message “54 6F 6D 6F 72 72 6F 77” which converts to “Tomorrow” like the picture from before is titled.

However, this is as far as the secrets go for now. Nothing further has been discovered yet, but I hope there is some end game secret to be found. Apparently other games from the creator besides Filled with Freedom are somehow connected. Maybe we will see the end to this in the future!

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