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Maggot Face – Explore a Serial Killer’s Secret Lair

Maggot Face is a PS1 style horror game where you search for your missing sister in a run down house inhabited by a serial killer. She and many other people have gone missing in the area recently. The game doesn’t have much of a story besides that, they never really describe how you even know where the house is. Maybe it’s a surrounding camp ground or something?

The house exploration was short, but my favorite part of the game. The little creepy house on the island was the perfect introduction. I felt all alone in the house until there were the small creaks downstairs. While looking around upstairs, you fall through the floor into the lair of Maggot Face. From there it’s a long gauntlet of passages and rooms filled with his victims. With one being alive… unless you press the button next to him, which I did out of curiosity.

Maggot Face is a unique horror game villain, and exploring the lair was a tense experience the entire time. The story is missing some pieces, but for a short horror game, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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