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No Players Online – A Cursed FPS Multiplayer Horror Game

No Players Online is a short horror game that takes place in an abandoned FPS gaming server. Although it might seem empty with nothing to do at first, the game turns out to be very creepy. The gun has almost no use at all, since there’s no other players, but you’ll see why you have it later on. All you have to do at first is keep capturing the flag.

Along the way you might see something hiding in the corner of you eye. After you capture the flag a few times, you’ll get a nice close up of the thing that’s been following you. Then for the last flag capture, the developer of the No Players Online world joins and explains the game in hopes you don’t destroy everything. It’s a strange explanation that makes no sense, but it keeps the game interesting.

No Players Online Explained

No Players Online Hidden Eye
Hidden Eye

Supposedly, the game is actually a virtual world he designed that has the ability to bring his dead wife back to life. How it’s supposed to do that we don’t know, it isn’t really explained, and seems like a really bad idea. If you capture the last flag, it’ll close down the game and his work will be ruined. He urges you not to, but if you do, it will exit you from the game and you will be unable to join again. That’s not the end though!

No Players Online has many great secrets, and you can enable rejoining the servers by entering the famous Konami code. At the closed servers screen, enter in Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Then the servers will reappear, and you can continue the rest of the game! The developer comes back, and just wants you to leave him and his creepy dead wife alone.

If you capture all 3 flags, the game will close out the same as it did before. However, if you look around the right side of the map, you’ll see an eye. Apparently that’s the developer, and you can shoot it too. Once you do that, a short creepy video will play that hints at another secret code you can use.

All Secret’s and Where to Find Them

There’s a few other codes you can enter in as well. Entering in “haunt” will open the sound test menu, there’s a lot in there including some sounds that weren’t used in the game. Then you can unlock a secret area in the game if you enter in “25467” in this menu. When you’re back in game, you’ll be able to jump through the hole in the middle of the map. This will bring you to a secret room with a strange computer in the middle.

No Players Online Secret Room Under The Map
Secret Room Under the Map

You can look around the room if you want, it’s a creepy, but neat extra space. The background music is unsettling, and the writings on the wall make you wonder what this place is. Maybe the heart of the game? There’s one last code to enter. You can shoot the number keys on the keyboard of the computer in the middle: 19-14-21.

This will unlock the true ending to the game, and the credits will roll.

No Players Online looks basic at first, but there’s a lot of payoff. The FPS world has a liminal and constantly strange feeling to it. None of the passages really make sense, and the VHS graphics give it even more charm. There’s a lot of unknown elements in the game like the computer and reason for the game existing that keep you guessing for an explanation.

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  1. I am on a school computer, so I can’t play the game, but what is it like? Is it cursed and Erie?! If it is, try to make a good version of the game, so I could play it. 🙂 – Amaiya


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