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Call to Summon – Low Res Indie Horror Game Review

Call to Summon is a short indie horror game where you use a suspicious cell phone to take pictures of objects so you can summon them elsewhere.

Created for a summoning themed horror game jam, you can choose from those objects you collect and call them up elsewhere to solve puzzles. The atmosphere is unsettling, and you can tell something just isn’t right with the way the phone works. I think most players will realize how this tech could easily backfire and be used again them.

The liminal environments keep things interesting, there’s even some “pool rooms” which is my personal favorite. At around 10 minutes long, Call to Summon is another short indie horror game fitting perfectly into the low res/haunted PS1 genre. Kenforest has made tons of games like this, so if you’re a fan then you’ll find a lot more on his page!

Watch the featured gameplay video!

Call to Summon game page

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