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Low Frequency – Exploring a Weird Town in a Flooded World

Low Frequency is a horror game where you sail off in your boat after a world ending tsunami. All you have is a radio and your friend, Fred the bird. Turning on the radio, we hear an ominous message about the Tsunami, an echo from before the disaster. Eventually, a small town appears in the distance.

There’s only the sound of the ocean and birds around. Low Frequency was a colorful and immersive exploration experience. You can check out all of the houses and talk to the few people still left. Some of them have pretty odd things to say. Some of the lines they say are kind of hard to understand, while other people are welcoming. The story overall are kind of vague. The bright colors and atmosphere of a living place in a dead world was strangely comforting.

Low Frequency Story Explained

Low Frequency radio and a bird in a boat in the middle of the ocean

The explanation behind the story could just be that the town was never real. You wake up in the middle of the night hearing a buzzing sound. Which turns out to be an infamous Russian radio station known as The Buzzer. Maybe the main character is imagining everything? All he has is the radio, and the bird.

The radio could have gotten to him, and the only other constant thing you hear are birds chirping. That’s my best theory, I’d like to hear more from what others thing though. The ending itself was creepy, but could have been better. It just ends with Marcus, the guy you first met chasing you around, and then shooting you. He shoots you when you get caught, and that’s it. No further explanation given, which was kind of a bummer.

One thing to take note of is there are no barriers stopping you from jumping in the water. It’s a pretty terrifying experience actually. There’s just endless water and the sound of you sinking away in the rough ocean. At this point you need to restart the game since you get soft-locked. It would be nice if this was somehow made an ending or if the game could at least reload itself.

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