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Approaches – An Atmospheric VHS Style Horror Game

Approaches is a VHS style horror game where you fix a radio tower and go bird watching. Inside the tower, there’s a bunch of equipment you have to interact with to start it up. You even have a neat little fridge with some soda’s in it. It ends up being pretty simple to find everything you need, just check for the outlined objects.

It was kind of confusing about what the shapes on the computers were for though, and what I actually had to do to fix the radio tower. After searching around and getting most of it together, the tower started rumbling. It even seemed like the mountains were getting closer. They were monumental, reaching up to the skies. The birds in the distance start flying away too once that happens, it’s a pretty neat sight that goes well with the background.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Approaches. The massive mountains, the wind blowing, the birds, and the dark VHS style graphics with a purple tint. It made the game look fantastic. I still never found out if the symbols on the computer did anything, but I still got to the end. It takes around 8 minutes to complete, and I’d highly recommend trying it out.

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