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The Dish Is Out – Venture Through the Blizzard and Survive in Your Bunker

In The Dish Is out, you play as a worker that looks after an important satellite dish somewhere far out in the woods. After being awoken by your coworker, you must venture out into the blizzard to fix it.

You live in a small, but somehow comfortable bunker. There’s a lot of stuff around the room you should check out before leaving. None of it is particularly important, but I always like this attention to detail in games. You can even watch a short horror movie on the TV, and there’s a bunch of other movie references and posters around.

Also be on the look out for the 7 hidden tapes. The game has some short extra audio snippets at the end that are unlocked by the tapes. It’s not a big deal if you miss them though, the extra clips didn’t really have much.

Your coworker talks to you through a hand-held radio. He guides you to the nearby dish and asks you to reset it. You climb up, reset it, and return to your bunker. As soon as you do, it goes out again. This time, the control panel has been completely torn apart. Looking out into the darkness from the dish tower, you might see some yellow eyes looking back at you for a moment.

Who’s Eyes Are Those?

Who is that!?

You’re not alone out here. Your partner talks about a girl who was reported missing in the surrounding woods. He says the top suspects were some local meth heads, and the disappearance even made it into the national headlines.

They were never caught though because there wasn’t enough evidence. You’ll have to go out a few more times before the night is over, so watch your back!

The Dish Is Out has an immersive, creative world, and a great horror story. I really liked to check out all of the extra stuff around the bunker and game. Collecting the tapes was a good addition too, and they aren’t difficult to find.

The monster with yellow eyes chasing you around, and the reveal at the end was incredibly tense. I loved the ending how the game tells you to “Turn Around”, and it’s still so hard to do even though you’re expecting the worst. The creepiest part for me was looking back up the ladder after the monster chases you into the bunker. That was incredibly startling.

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